Manufacturer and National Distributor of Bullbars and Truck Accessories


The six pillars on which our business is built are:

  • Product design that offers durability and functionality while enhancing vehicle styling
  • Market leading quality
  • Market leading cost competitiveness.
  • World class order-to-delivery lead-times.
  • Excellent customer service and communication.
  • Organisational culture that supports the vision and values of the business.

The CAC Vision

Our goal is to remain a leading supplier of accessories for trucks and light commercial vehicle styling products in South Africa and enter export markets in support of our business development strategy.

The CAC Values

Our Values and beliefs consistently guide us, namely:

  • Leadership that is positive, fair, bold, and visionary
  • Exceed customer expectations at every opportunity
  • Humility and respect
  • Operational and technical excellence
  • Safety in all we do
  • Continuous improvement

Value Added Service

We are in a trusted partnership with our clients. We work with our clients to provide solutions that best address their specific needs in protecting their investments. We take ownership and are accountable for our actions.

Truck Market

CAC has established itself a leading market share in the South African truck market for truck accessories.

Our main product lines are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel Bullbars
  • Powder Coated Bullbars
  • Windscreen Stone Guards
  • Anti – Syphon Devices
  • Seat Covers
  • Roof Bars
  • Under-bumper Bars
  • Side pipes
  • Nudge Bars
  • Tank sensor covers
  • Tank Skirts
  • Abnormal board assemblies (with or without flag holders)
  • Chassis Deck covers (cat walks)
  • Chassis fire extinguisher mounting brackets

Light Commercial Vehicle Market

Towards the end of 2020 CAC entered the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) styling products market. CAC intends to grow in the Manufacturer Approved Accessory Market (OES) with all major brands sold in South Africa.

The journey has started with receiving approval from Toyota South Africa for accessory supply of the Patented Retractable Tonneau Cover with integrated Styling bar

Our main product lines are:

  • Polished Stainless Steel Styling bars
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel Styling bars
  • Retractable (roll-up) Tonneau Covers
  • Combo of Retractable Tonneau Cover and Styling Bar

Our Manufacturing Capability

Commercial Auto Components is housed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Westmead; Pinetown with the following processes and technologies: 

  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Robotic Plasma Cutting
  • CNC Press brake bending
  • CNC Plate rolling
  • CNC Tube Bending
  • Tube Swaging
  • Robotic and Manual Welding (mild and stainless steel)
  • Spot welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Robotic and Manual Polishing of stainless steel
  • Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment and Powder Coating


Our People


CAC is led by the founder, Cameron Abbott and General Manager, Richard Thompson. The skill set of the leadership team is complementary with Cameron having a wealth of market knowledge having been in the truck industry for more than 17 years while Richard has management, technical and business development skills accumulated over 20 years of supplying the passenger and LCV vehicle market.

The leadership of CAC is committed to seeing it play a positive role in the South African economy as well as Nation Building though transformation.

Sales and Marketing:

From inception CAC has had a strong Sales and Marketing competence. Customer service excellence and customer care are what the business was built on and as such the business has a national sales footprint with sales representation in all regions of South Africa.

CAC sales representatives visit most customers monthly ensuring that they are satisfied with the service offered and collaborate with the dealer sales teams to maximise their value proposition for the end user.

CAC has a Customer Care team based at the national distribution warehouse that provides the vital link between the customer, CAC sales team, and operations. Their role ensures that order and lead-time information is communicated to all stake holders thus managing customer expectations.

Customer Services:

Customer Services is the nerve centre of the business. This division is led by Claire Goodsell, our Customer Service Manager who oversees all customer orientated business processes.

Customer services includes:

  • Finished Goods Stock Management
  • Daily Invoicing & Dispatch processes
  • Customer Care (Sales Enquiries; Quotes and Lead-time confirmation)
  • Business market intelligence

Claire has a team of ladies who are based at the factory and provide a vital link between the finished goods store, operations, the customer, and our sales team. Customer Service’s role is to ensure that quotes, orders and lead-times are communicated to all internal and external stake holders thus ensuring we meet or exceed customer expectations.


Parts Distribution

The central warehouse is situated in Durban from which all orders are distributed both nationally and cross border. The well-stocked finished-goods warehouse enables CAC to meet industry leading order-to-delivery lead-times.  Daily deliveries are dispatched to the end user via courier service with delivery lead-times varying slightly relative to the destination.

In some cases, deliveries will be made with our own fleet of vehicles particularly in cases where CAC will fit the products for the customer.

Fitment Service

Mobile fitment teams that specialise in on-site fitment of our products is a value-added service offering. The fitment service can be, in some cases, part of the vehicle manufacturers supply chain or at a dealership or end user’s premises.

If a customer chooses to fit our products as part of their value-chain, we work closely with them to develop a lean inventory pull-system (Kanban) in order to optimise the value stream.


We believe that engineering is the heartbeat of the business and as such have a dedicated design engineering team who work under the Business Development Executive, Jeffrey Maingard. Jeff has more than 14 years of automotive engineering and design experience and plays a key role in the strategic plans for business growth in the light commercial market with the specific skills and relevant experience he brings to the team.

The engineering team is managed by Melusi Mchunu, his team design both product and process, minimising the need to outsource design and or process fabrication work. Our in-house design processes allow us to take products from concept to saleable product in record time.


The gross profit of the business is made or lost on the factory floor. We are fortunate to have Andre Barnard leading our operations team. Andre has many years of Toyota and tier one automotive operations experience and as such makes an important contribution to the sustainability of the business through stable production, efficient direct labour cost management and supply chain management.

Andre is ably supported by Casirene Pillay our Procurement Manger, who has the important task of ensuring we manage and control all raw materials supply and inventory.

Human Resources:

CAC human resources is led by Ms Pamella Khumbuza who’s passion and enthusiasm for emulating the company values coupled to a desire to see the CAC family flourish makes her a positive driving force in the business. Pamella echoes the words of Simon Sinek: 

“The responsibility of a company is to serve the customer. The responsibility of leadership is to serve their people so that their people may better serve the customer. If leaders fail to serve their people first, both customer and company will suffer.”